The Wood Line Collection

Beautiful Handcrafted Wood Garage Doors
Warm * Distinctive * Timeless 

If the garage takes center stage on your home, make sure your garage door lives up to its billing with a handcrafted natural wood door by Clopay. The Wood Line Collection is available in both traditional and carriage house door designs, and in a variety of wood species with unique decorative accents for a one-of-a-kind look. Painted or stained, the beauty of a natural wood garage door stands out and lays the foundation for a warm and welcoming home.

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green_icon.jpgClopay wood doors are handcrafted from premium species harvested from sustainable and naturally fallen forestry and made-to-order in the USA.

Finishing, Maintenance and Care

Proper care and maintenance are imperative to the appearance, longevity and performance of a Clopay wood door. The door must be properly finished prior to installation for the warranty to be valid. If the door is not painted or stained by Clopay, it is required that the door (inside, outside and all edges) be primed and painted with a high quality exterior paint or stained with a penetrating stain that is mildew and UV resistant and water repellent.

NOTE: The door may need to be stained or painted every 1–2 years depending on the exposure to sunlight and moisture.